Real Estate

We recognize that the real estate world is in transition, as competing influences like the rise of PropTech, different macro-and micro-level signals, and a range of incentives such as LIHTC and Opportunity Zones impact the industry. We can help professionals, individual teams, and entire firms navigate this changing landscape while doing more business more efficiently.

Our real estate experience ranges from brokerage to development and investment and beyond. We are familiar with a wide range of real estate challenges from numerous perspectives, such as brokerage prospecting process improvement, providing bespoke models for investment decision-making, and location targeting. Our data science abilities also include:

  • developing better workflows for high-volume broker teams
  • measuring the comparative value of specific amenities for new construction or redevelopment projects
  • transforming CRM data into actionable intelligence
  • helping investors develop and rank locations based on data-based criteria, at any scale from national to neighborhood
  • working with syndicators to triage dollars spent on improvements, services, and marketing
  • building risk models for lenders